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NOTE: We are not a veterinarian service, instead we are goat breeders that do our own fecals and wish to share with you what we, laymen and not verterianians or scientists, have found in our process of fecal examination. We hope this will help you to identify the parasites that infect the common goats. This area will be regularly updated as new slides are provded by our members. To read more about our findings, you can go to our forum board (here is a link to the post where these items were provided - Worm Egg and Cocci images.

This slide, provided by Jamie, shows four (4) Cocci eggs

This slide, provided by Faith, shows a Stomach Worm Egg. There is an air bubble right next to it on the bottomleft.


These slides, provided by Barnes, show Trichostrongyloidea and Strongyloidea (commonly termed strongyle of strongylid egg)
(second slide has been enhanced by Nicollett)

This slide, provided by Faith, shows a spring shaped item. This is actually pollen and not a worm, thus is not a danger to the animal.

This slide, provided by Jamie, is another type of Pollen. Again, it is not harmful to the animal.


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