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The Interactive Goat Pregnancy Calculator

1). To determine a doe's DUE date for 145 days, enter the date that the doe was bred or settled in the "Settled/Bred Date" box. Then click on "Calculate."

2). To determine a doe's SETTLED or BREEDING date, enter the date that the doe gave birth in the "Due Date" box. Then click on "Calculate."

3). Feel free to enter your dates different ways. For example, January 15, 1999 can be entered as 1/15/99 or Jan 15, 1999 or 15 Jan 1999, or January 15, 1999
Jan. 15, 1999(with a dot after Jan) will NOT work. Any other entries other than what is shown above will result in an invalid calculation.

Settled/Bred Date:

Due Date:This calculator bases dates upon a 145 day gestation. Due dates may range from 145-154 days of pregnancy.


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